Thursday session – Short pyramid

14 May 2019 - By James Crisp

By popular demand and after an absence of almost a year, we’re headed back to “The Old Oak Tree” and Blunts Hall Road for our Thursday Session which will be a short pyramid structure and a great way to get our bodies used to running at speed and become faster – or just to maintain it!

It looks like it’s getting a bit warmer so guidance and recommendation is sensible pacing and to be adequately hydrated before the session and bring something with you to drink during and after the session.

Meet first 1930 please at Witham Leisure Centre before we head off for our warm up run to the session location for some drills before we kick off the main part of our session which will last near enough 30 minutes, and we’ll have a few technical points for you to revisit and think about during the session itself.

It’s a session structure we’ve done a number of times but if you’ve not done this one before don’t worry as many of our members have and we’ll run through it again on Thursday, the plan is we run quick short efforts of 30, 60 & 90 seconds out in the same direction up Blunts Hall Road towards Dancing Dicks Lane, and then 90,60 & 30 seconds back down the way you came to get to roughly where you started – and we’ll do that 3 times so that’s 3 blocks of 30, 60, 90, 90, 60, 30.

We’ll have standing recoveries of 30 seconds between each effort.

There’ll be 2 minutes recoveries after 1st & 2nd block, when you get back to where you started.

Total time for main part of the session will be 29 minutes and 30 seconds.

We’ll start off in our groups at different staggered points to avoid congestion on the return legs.

The session structure can be programmed into your Garmin or other device (some of you might still have it saved in your Garmin or other device from before) or a simple countdown/repeat or similar function set at 30 seconds will help you with the session.

Parking is limited in the area we’re headed to although we hope to have somewhere to leave clothing layers/drinks or other items during the session.

We look forward to meeting everyone Thursday, James & Becky.

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