Thursday 30th April – Speed Development: 800/200 / 300/300

29 April 2020 - By Scott Darney

And just like that series 1 of the SD Champs is over and we are back to speed sessions! Well done to all who participated.

Whilst we have plans to resurrect the SD Championships for another series, in the meantime we will be providing sessions to help build and maintain speed & endurance, starting with a new sessions trialled by yours truly on Tuesday.

The session will be 3-5 sets of the following :

800m tempo (tuesday) pace, into;
200m slow jog recovery, into;
300m 5k pace, into;
300m slow jog recovery.

If you don’t have the ability to measure out the distance or you prefer to do a time based effort then the below is a roughly translated time-based alternative that works the same systems:

4 mins tempo (tuesday) pace, into;
90 seconds slow jog recovery, into;
90 seconds 5k pace, into;
2 mins slow jog recovery.

The above is 1 rep of 1 mile or 9 minutes. Once you have finished a rep, you will go straight into 800m tempo to start your next rep.

The typical thursday session we would ask you to perform would be 3 reps, so if you want to run as per our thursday session please only do 3 reps. For those that wish to do a little more then you are free to add 1 or 2 additional reps but pleast do not do any more than 5 – you don’t need to!

3 reps = 3 miles or 27 mins
4 reps = 4 miles or 36 mins
5 reps = 5 miles or 45 mins

Additional points:

– Please ensure you start with a short jog warm up and some dynamic stretching and drills to raise the heart rate.

– Please also ensure that you finish the session with a slow jog cool down and some stretches.

– You can walk the recoveries if you really need to but note that this will probably take the session beyond our usual half an hour.

– This session is deceptively hard so please do not attempt to run beyond your current fitness or ability.

– Please make sure, if you are programing to your smart watch that you get the interval distances correct. For instance, it would be silly to accidentally give yourself a 20m recovery after the first rep instead of 200m and have to stop mid session and re-program the session, just as an example and absolutely not based on first hand experience…

Below is an exaple of how to set up the distance based work out garmin connect:

Enjoy the workout and as usual please provide feedback on how the session goes!

Stay fit, healthy and at home (except for exercise where you will respect social distancing guidelines).


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