Thursday 23rd July – Speed Development: 5k TT + Alternative

19 July 2020 - By Scott Darney

This week sees the final race in the WRC Virtual Summer Series.

The racing window is open from today (Sunday) and ends on Saturday. This is the same window for those entering the Rogue Front Door 5k Series.

*PLEASE NOTE* In order to compete for the most improved over the series, you must run the same 5k course that you ran in race 1.

The winners will be the male and female runners who improve the most beween race 1 and 3.

I would recommend that runners perform an easy jog of 1-2 miles as a warm plus some strides before they race in order to get the HR up and muscles warm. Personally, I will be doing 4 x 200m at 5k pace prior to the start of my TT and you can copy this is you wish.

For athletes who do not want to race the final 5k TT, there here is an alternative session for you:

Aussie 5k

  • 12 x 200m at 5kp / 200m float or jog recovery

This will see you run 4.8km and if you really want you can round this off with a final 200m at 5k pace to complete the 5k distance.

The idea is to run 200m at 5k pace and then ease off ever so slightly in order to gain a marginal recovery for 200m before returning to 200m at 5k pace. If this sounds too difficult, you can run the floating recovery at jogging pace.

As always and until further notice, please abide by current social distancing guidelines and meet only in groups of up to 6 runners.

Good luck!


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