Thursday 23rd April – Speed Development: 5 Mile Time Trial

21 April 2020 - By Scott Darney

This week is the final race of the series where the WRC Social Distancing Champion will be revealed.

The shorter distances can be a different physical challenge and mental battle but hopefully the previous races will have suitable prepared us all for the longest of the series, the 5 mile time trial!

We would like you to please try and perform this on a looped course or an out and back so that generally you start and finish at the same place and elevation and don’t benefit from any kind of hill or tailwind for the majority of the race.

I recommend you also do a similar type warm-up and cool-down as you have in previous time trials, including a very gentle 0.5 to 1 mile warm-up and cool down although please be mindful of your total milage and whether this will greatly increase on what you are used to.

You can of course perform the race on any day from Thursday to Sunday which gives you various options on how to structure your week.

If you race your TT on the thursday, then the TT will replace your usual thursday speed session however I would recommend that if you do a long run at the weekend you shorten your long run and run it very easy as your legs will be fatigued from the TT.

If you decide to run your TT at the weekend then I would recommend that this simply replaces your weekend run and you run an easy few miles on thursday in place of your speed development session.

Good luck in the final race of the series and once we are finished, keep a look out for more challenges coming up in May (more time trials? Let’s wait and see!).

Please do not attempt to race unless you are feeling in good shape and good health or if it’s unusually hot, which it might well be.

If you have any specific question then please feel free to ask.



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