Thursday 21st May – Speed Development: 500s

19 May 2020 - By Scott Darney

This week we keep it simple with a classic speed session and favourite of Adam Goucher, the US 5000m Olympian and National XC Champion.

It is an ideal workout for practicing your 5k speed and if you opt for the full 10 reps then you will also have completed the full 5k distance at 5k pace, albeit with recoveries.

The session is as follows:

  • 6-10 x 500m at 5k pace / 90s recovery

As usual there various options based on your current fitness. You can choose to alter the number of reps or the intensity of the recovery with the first option being the easiest and the option we would start with on our Thursday session:

  1.   6 reps, 90s resting recovery
  2.   6 reps, 90s jogging recovery
  3.   8 reps, 90s resting recovery
  4.   8 reps, 90s jogging recovery
  5.   10 reps, 90s resting recovery
  6.   10 reps, 90s jogging recovery

The goal is consistant splits and to limit your speed to 5k pace – do not go faster.
However, progressive splits are fine if you need to start conservatively – if you are going to miss early then miss slow.
The wrong way to perform the workout is to start too fast and to fade during the session – try and avoid this if you can.

As with all speed ensurance sessions:

  • Please ensure you start with a short jog warm up and some dynamic stretching and drills to raise the heart rate.
  • Please also ensure that you finish the session with a slow jog cool down and some stretches.
  • Please ensure that you adhere to the current social distancing guidelines.

Enjoy the workout and as usual please provide feedback on how the session goes!

Stay fit, healthy and alert!


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