Speed Development Thursday 8th February 2024

4 February 2024 - By Kerry Townsend

5 x 4 mins (2mins), 5x 30s (30s)

The aim of this weeks session is to work on your ability to be able to run hard at the end of the session on tired legs – to mimic the sprint finish at the end of a race.

Please meet at Eastways (W3W – revised.workouts.shifts, near Arnie’s Dog Groomers, CM8 3YS) at 7.30pm having done a warm up jog (at least 10 minutes please). Please ensure you have hi-viz and/or lights. We will then take you through a warm up and some drills before starting the sessions.

The session for this week is 5 x 4 minute efforts, with a 2 minute recovery between each effort, followed by 5 x 30s efforts (with a 30s recovery between each effort).

As always, it is your session and your paces should be adapted as necessary (do speak to us before if you want to have a chat about this), however the pace guidance for the 4 minutes is current (or perhaps goal) 5k pace, and the 30s should be a hard pace, as if you are sprinting for the finish line of a race.

We will then do a cool down, and then some stretches.

If you want to programme it, it will look a little bit like this.

Karen and Kerry look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

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