Speed Development Session – Thursday April 1st

27 March 2021 - By Karen Flowers

Dancing Dicks Short Pyramids 30 60 90

Yes its me again!!!!!
I bring you the good news that we can meet up for our first 2021 WRC Speed Development Session next Thursday – like before though we can only accommodate 11 runners per coach – so this will be on a first come first serve basis (22 runners only)

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As Scott mentioned a few weeks ago we as coaches have been asked to co-ordinate a session that is memorable to us (whether good or bad!)

When I first joined WRC it took several months before I plucked up the courage to join a Thursday session and when I did it was the Dancing Dicks Pyramids and memorable it was, I couldn’t walk for days afterwards!

Its a tough one – but definitely worth a try!

The short pyramid structure is 3 run blocks of 30,60 and 90 second efforts, initially up Dancing Dicks and then once you complete the 90 second effort you get the opportunity to turn around and run back down repeating the 30,60 and 90 second efforts again – the idea being that you return back to your starting point on completion
This is the fun bit….. you get to do that 3 times!!
Recovery will be standing/ regrouping for 30 seconds between each effort & then 2 minutes recovery after the 1st and 2nd block once you get back to where you started

The plan will be that you start off in your groups at different points on the road so as to avoid congestion and to social distance

Programme the session into your Garmin if possible, but Sasha and I will also have whistles

Total time for the main part of the session will 29 mins and 30 seconds

For the new members, please don’t wait like I did before joining our Thursday session, yes they are tough, but they are so rewarding (when you have finished them anyway!). Anyone can run them at any pace but if you stick with them you will definitely see an improvement in your speed, pace, technique and stamina

Now the important bit – normally we would meet at the Witham Leisure Centre, but on this occasion we will meet at the Witham RUGBY Club from where we run in smaller groups up to Dancing Dicks

Unlike the Tuesday groups we will meet at 7:15pm leaving the car park dead on 7:30pm – please bring torches and/or hi viz

Look forward to seeing you all



Speed Development Session
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