Extra Thursday Lunchtime Pre Benidorm Session

23 November 2015 - By James Crisp

Hola amigos! As well as our usual Thursday evening session this week, there will also be a Thursday lunchtime session – so, if you’re headed to Benidorm and don’t fancy the usual Thursday evening session before having to get up stupid o’clock next morning for your early flight – why not join me and a few other usual suspects for a redux of our pre Benidorm lunchtime session in Witham?

This is open to all members and will take place in and around our “Park Life” or Riverwalk session areas.

It will be a shorter session than the usual Thursday, but nevertheless will be structured to include warm up, say only 6-8 400m reps (or 90-120 seconds) followed by cool down.

Meet Witham Leisure Centre 1215 before we head off to the River Walk/Park Life area for our session – I don’t think we’ll need hi viz!

Looking forward to meeting up lunchtime Thursday – hasta la vista! DJ

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