27 July 2018 - By Charlotte Roberts

The weather is sizzling and so will those sausages and burgers! The Witham Running Clubs annual summer BBQ will be on August 18th this year at Marc’s house (thank you Marc and family!!!)

3pm is the start time and we ask you to bring along some grub and a bottle that you’d like to eat / drink (non-alcoholic or alcoholic, your choice!).

Marc also has a swimming pool (nice one!) so if you’d like to take a dip, particularly those triathlon lovers who may want to show off some of their skills, then please do! I’m sure they’ll be some ‘light hearted competitive fun games’ involved … !

Social events like this are awesome and the club gets to spend time together in a different way, it’s not always about running!

Please see Marc if you’re not sure on his address – but we look forward to seeing you all then where many games, eating and drinking will be done – excellent stuff!!

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