Results 18/06

19 June 2023 - By Jason Lilley

James B and Jodee are both away this week, so I have the honour of doing the results, and watering their plants.

This past weekend was fairly light on races, but was still full of fantastic performances.

Race to the King

Saturday saw Jonathan Moore take on the 50km Race to the King Ultra.  This was Jonathan’s first foray into ultra running, but he made it look easy in spite of the warm weather and hills, cruising to a finish in a fantastic 6hrs 39m, coming 86th out of 348 runners.

Stour Valley Marathon

Also taking to the trails on Saturday was Matt Jordan who ran the Stour Valley Marathon, described by the organisers as “approximately 27 country miles”.  Despite not having raced much lately, Matt knocked it out of the park, finishing in 3:44:04 and third place.

Battersea 5k

Clive Smith and Fiona Collins made the trip into town for the Battersea 5k on Sunday, finishing in a splendid 21:07 and 25:08 respectively.

Well done everyone.

Sausage-based German thought for the week: Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei

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