Results 02/23

4 July 2023 - By James Blackshaw

Saltmarsh 75

Tom Warman and myself took part in this 77 mile ultra around the coast of Essex. Tom did the 2-day version, finishing the 39 mile day 1 in 8hrs 8 mins, and the 37 mile day 2 in approximately 7hrs 50 mins, giving him a total time of 15:58, and meaning he finished in an incredible 2nd place amongst the 2-day runners (TBC – 2-day results are still being updated). I took the single day continuous option, and finished in 17:01:45, in 5th place.


Wickham Trails

Angela and Andrew Read did this 9.25 mile trail run organised by Mid Essex Casuals, and Angela beat Andrew by 1 second, finishing in 2:20:24 and 2:20:25 respectively.



Thought For The Week: “If women ran the world we wouldn’t have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days.”


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