Race Results 06/10/19

7 October 2019 - By James Blackshaw

Saltmarsh Half Marathon

Stephen Sawyer and Geoff Reddin were down on the Crouch for the first running of this trail half. Stephen came 2nd in 1:41:05, and Geoff finished in 2:27:43.


Gosfield Gauntlet Half

Andy Lager took part in the this trail half marathon, and finished in 2:05:12 (Strava time)


Loch Ness Marathon

Simon Cresswell was hunting the monster up in bonnie Scotland, taking part in the Loch Ness marathon, which runs almost the length of the Loch Ness (translated to English: Lake Vanessa). He completed the marathon in a very impressive 3:22:34. (Strava time)


Colchester Zoo Stampede

Four of our lot went to the the zoo, the zoo, the zoo, (how about you?) on Sunday for this half marathon. Last place gets fed to the lions, but fortunately that eventuality didn’t befall any of our lot. Unfortunately, Michelle’s Running Group has one less member this morning. 🙁

Pos Name Chip Time
541 JENNY LAYLEY 02:17:08
662 JODEE MAYER 02:27:37


Southend 10K 

Plenty of members down at the Essex’ finest seaside resort (apart from all the others), for this club championship and Essex championship 10k race. We all moaned about the wind as we turned to come back along the sea front, but we had it behind us for at least half the race (and hence should be pace-affect neutral).

Special mention to both Brigid Wallen and Mark Austin, who won medals in their category. Great work both!


Position Name Time Notes
19 Heydon Mizon 35:34:00
37 James Crisp 36:42:00 PB
54 Scott Darney 37:35:00
106 Peter Riley 39:45:00
105 Leo Cole 39:46:00
114 Andrew Smith 40:08:00 PB
153 Gavin Moore 41:22:00
158 Mark Austin 41:44:00 Bronze MV60
181 Simon Scott 42:42:00
186 James Blackshaw 42:51:00 PB
195 Tony Wallen 43:15:00
248 Alexander Stuckey 44:34:00
273 Liz Stuckey 45:32:00
291 Jordan Barker 45:56:00
360 Mark Lynch 46:40:00
356 Brigid Wallen 47:43:00 Silver FV55
405 James Attenborough 49:02:00 PB
476 Jason Lilley 49:35:00 PB
430 David Jobling 49:37:00
435 Anita Grainger 49:44:00
669 John Lloyd 54:00:00 SB
1118 Natalie Lilley 64:06:00 PB
1166 Aimee Brinzer 66:27:00
1191 Tom Ashley 67:49:00 Pacing


Let me know if I’ve missed anything.



Thought for the week:”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”


  1. Peter Banks Peter Banks says:

    Good afternoon James.
    I ran the Southend 10k on Sunday but my result didn’t show up as they still had me down as a Tiptree runner ‘Boooo’ I will message the organisers to see if they can change the result to recognise me as a Witham runner ‘Yeah!!’
    My time was 40:11. Can you accept this as it will be Silver Standard.
    Peter Banks.

  2. Stephen Sawyer says:


    Lydia Bazzard ran the Saltmarsh Half Marathon in 02:08:09.

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