Weekend Triaction

2 September 2019 - By James Montgomery

Saturday 31st August
Trifarm, Boreham, Essex
Trifarm Swim – Run
Andy Notley was taking part in a new new event being trialed at Trifarm, the popular open-water swimming venue, and a new event for Andy. This was a ‘swim-run’, the concept being that as the name suggests, there are 3 swim segments broken up by 2 run segments. There is no transition area as you’d expect to find in other multi-sport events. This means that you swim in your trainers & run with your goggles and swim hat!

This event comprised a 1200m swim to kick things off, which Andy found tough having not swum for a while & never wearing trainers.

This was folowed by a 1.6 mile run along the tow path before returning for an 800m lap of the lake, now with arms and legs beginning to hurt.

A 2nd run along the tow path in the opposite direction brought the running to a close before a final 400m ‘sprint’ swim to the finish.

Andy was really happy with his running & content with the swims, finishing in a time of 1hr 14min 29, finishing 4th from 20 competitors.

Andy thought it was great fun and would recommend it if it becomes an annual event.

Sunday 1st September
Lausanne, Switzerland
World Age Group Triathlon Championshps
Liz Stuckey had qualified for the Standard Distance Age Group Championships and had traveled to Lausanne on the banks of Lake Leman (also known as Lake Geneva) where the event was taking place this year.

Liz’s start time was 9.12am so not silly early start, but it did mean that she was running when as it was approaching the warmest part of the Day. The temperature was to reach about 26degC but that wasn’t worrying her; it was the swim that was the main concern.

Although it wasn’t official until the morning it was widly excepted that it was going to be non-wetsuit swim as the sprint races the previous day had been and the temperatures had stayed high all day. When Liz saw how choppy the water was she knew it wasn’t going to be an easy swim. It was choppier than the previous day, the chop had been clearly visible in the elite race broadcast on the BBC website and that took part in a more sheltered part of the lake.

Liz was happy to finish the swim in a reasonable time and afterwards everyone was commenting on how tough they had found it, with everyone’s time being down on normal.

There was a long run from the swim exit to the Transition 1 area and then out onto the bike. It was 2 tough laps around the town as and there was no time to settle in and warm-up before hitting the first of 3 climbs. At the bottom of the descent, there was a tight right turn killing any gained speed, accompanied by the smell of braking. Then another climb before the course flattened out and the TT bike came into its own. Liz was trying to work her way through the field during the bike and she thought she was making good progress in that regard. Then the second lap, by which time she had warmed-up some making the climbs a little easier.

In and out of T2 and out onto the 2-lap run. And more hills. The organisers had put 3 climbs in this course too, all coming in the first half of the lap. The second part of the lap was flat which suited Liz better and she could find a great rhythm. Again she was overtaking more competitors and was delighted at the end to find her run time was 21st quickest of the day in her age category, 56th overall in Age category from 100 starters.

Swim:      00:41:35
Bike:        01:18:47
Run:        00:47:36
Overall:   02:53:50

St Neots, Cambridgeshire
St. Neots Sprint Triathlon
Meanwhile, a little closer to home, Rachel Pearsons took part in the St. Neots Sprint Tri a this had been chosen by Police Sport Uk to incorporate the Police National Champs sprint distance for whom Rachel was competing for. St. Neots itself is a charming small town near to Cambridgeshire supplied an army of supportive and friendly locals.

The 750m swim was set in the River Ouse and at around 20 degrees on the morning, wetsuits were optional. Apart from reeds that got caught in her goggles at the swim start, which slowed her down a bit, it was a pleasant swim which was well marshaled with plenty of bouys making spotting easier.

Out of the water and into Transition 1, Rachel had a few issues including removing her new wetsuit, delaying her a little.

Out on to the flat bike course which was open and exposed in places allowing the wind to play a role in making things a bit harder. In the last mile of the bike course there was a very tight left turn by a mini roundabout and the marshals had coned this off allowing only one rider at a time to make the turn which caused a bit of a bottleneck and slowing you down. The course finished through a housing estate with several mini roundabouts and a lot of speed bumps!!!

Transition 2 – much better than T1.

Out of T2 and onto the run. This was 2 laps for the sprint distance which was being held in the park. The route was a mixture of off road, grass and park pathways with a few dog walkers added to the mix. Rachel had held back a bit on the bike and was able to maintain a good pace and as a result had a good run that she was very happy with. Rachel won her age group in the National Police  Championships and was 2nd in age group in the general classification.

A great event that was well organised and well supported and recommended.

Swim:      00:16:55
Bike:        00:44:45
Run:         00:23:02
Overall:    01:29:05

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