Virtual Essex Way Relay Teams Updated 11/09

11 September 2020 - By Bill Smythe

Please let me know if I have missed anyone or you cant run. Also if you would like to run a second leg in another team, this can be run any time during September so it could be done over a couple of weekends.

For those asking to run together, I have put you on the same leg in different teams.


Leg A B C D
1 Andy L 1 Sazza O’Ten 1 James A 1 Dean Whittaker Stage 1 Epping Station to Chipping Ongar
2 Owen 2 Brigid Wallen 2 Becca Booty 2 Gav L Stage 2 Chipping Ongar to Good Easter
3 Giles 3 Sharon R 3 Andrew W 3 Graham E Stage 3 Good Easter to Little Leighs
4 Roo Smith 4 Beth S 4 Karen F 4 Amanda M Stage 4 Little Leighs to Cressing Church
5 Tom A 5 Kerry 5 Scott 5 Ross S Stage 5 Cressing Church to Great Tey
6 James C 6 Jodee 6 Liz P 6 Haydeh Safavi Stage 6 Great Tey to West Bergholt
7 Scott 7 Natalie 7 Jason L 7 Adam R Stage 7 West Bergholt to Dedham
8 Bijay Lama 8 Jenny Layley 8 Terry A 8 Jonny Stage 8 Dedham to Bradfield
9 Simon Scott 9 Jo S 9 Bill 9 Andy N Stage 9 Bradfield to Ramsey
10 Geoff R 10 Rachna Lama 10 DJ 10  Bill Stage 10 Ramsey to Harwich


  1. Leo Cole says:

    Hi Bill
    I hope you are well. Not sure what this virtual business is ha ha. Jacob and I did a through walk along the whole of the Essex Way this week over 3 days, wild camping at Little Leighs and then West Bergholt at the end of day 1 and day 2 respectively. This meant we walked more than a marathon each day and closer to 30 miles on the last day, which my knee and blisters will testify was tough at times. However, I would recommend this to all – we had a great time. As for the virtual run, I have only really just seen this post and right now, cannot contemplate even walking let alone running. However, good luck to all members of the teams! Catch up soon – I see that PR may be coming back by October perhaps according to the weekly blogs.
    Regards Leo

  2. Bill Smythe says:

    something I’ve thought about doing. Well done Leo. hope you are all well.

  3. Colin Short Colin Short says:

    Hi Bill – sorry I am going to have to drop out of running my Essex Way leg as I am having treatment on my leg (knee and IT band). If I can do it and am available I will help out ferrying runners back to their starting point if needed!

  4. Haydeh Safavi Haydeh Safavi says:

    Hi Bill
    If it’s not too late I like to participate

  5. Bill Smythe says:

    Hi Haydeh,

    Can you do leg 6 for Colsey.


  6. Colin Short Colin Short says:

    Hi Bill
    I am off to Tenerife tomorrow morning for a week, late booking!

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