Virtual 5k – Thursday 26th

19 November 2020 - By James Blackshaw

Normally about now we’d be holding our 2nd Winter 5k of the series, but Lockdown 2 (“The return of Lockdown – this time Lockdown is back, and it’s mad!”) has seen that off for a few months, and so we bring you…

The WRC Virtual Winter 5k!

Basically, the rules are:

  • Run your 5k on Thursday the 26th of November
  • Submit your time by posting a screenshot of your Strava or Garmin activity on Facebook. (If you haven’t got FB, either message me with your time or contact me through the website contact link)
  • As much possible, try to make your route either a loop or an out & back, to prevent any ridiculous downhilliness silliness.
  • Make sure you run the distance. So, for clarity, that’s either 5k, or 3.11 miles.
  • It’s an outright virtual race, ranked by times and by gender. No allocation for age.
  • All times submitted by midday on the Friday.
  • Open to all virtual and non-virtual members.
  • Winner gets a pair of Jason Lilley’s soiled shorts and some frozen blueberries.

I’ll start an FB thread on the Thursday morning so that people can start posting their times.

Have fun!



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