May Day 10 – Pace Challenge – 2nd/3rd May

27 April 2020 - By Scott Darney

Due to the cancellation of the May Day 10 which was due to be held on Sunday 3rd May, we have decided to hold a 10 mile event for our members on the same weekend with a difference.

Over the weekend of Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of May we are challenging you to run 10 miles at a pace chosen by you to see how accurate you can mantain that pace throughout the 10 miles.

For instance, if you choose 8mm you will aim to run each mile in 8 minutes and finish with a time of 1:20:00.

You will accrue penalty points for each second you are over or under pace for each individual mile and penalty points for each second you are over or under your goal finish time.  Lowest points wins.

It really is very simple; you just need to try and stick to your designated pace for the full 10 miles and James Blackshaw has kindly offered to do the maths to calculate who the winner is.

To enter the pace competition, please submit your name and target pace in the data fields at the bottom of this post.

You will then need to record your run on your watch or recording device and share your workout with us on strava.  Please make sure you share your run in Miles and not Km.  If you need help with this we can help you nearer the time, it’s very straight forward.

We obviously can’t run this as a blind pacing event as you will need to submit your time and distance. So you will need to use your watch but please don’t sprint or walk the last setion of each mile to try and hit your goal pace, if you are slow or fast then adjust youre next mile accordingly and remember: you are only cheatinh yourself! This is a worthwhile pacing exercise as well as a little but of fun.

This is not a race and it does not necessarily favour the faster runners as they are not always better at pacing!

Good luck.



May Day 10 - Pace Challenge



Everyone’s entries will appear here:

Adam Regan – 8:45 min/miles
Amanda Martin – 10:45 min/miles
Andrew Smith – 7:30 min/miles
Andy Notley – 9:00 min/miles
Andy Watson – 8:15 min/miles
Angela Wray – 9:30 min/miles
Anita Grainger – 9:30 min/miles
Anthony Smith – 9:45 min/miles
Bethany Shippey – 10:45 min/miles
Bijay Lama – 8:00 min/miles
Bill Smythe – 8:15 min/miles
Charlie Pridmore – 6:30 min/miles
Chris Martin – 7:00 min/miles
Clive Smith – 7:45 min/miles
Colin Albert Short – 10:00 min/miles
Daniel Griffiths – 8:30 min/miles
Dean Whittaker – 8:30 min/miles
Elizabeth Prior – 9:15 min/miles
Gerry Greenwold – 9:15 min/miles
Giles Sowerby – 6:30 min/miles
Giles Sowerby – 7:00 min/miles
Graham Eyre – 9:15 min/miles
Haydeh Safavi – 10:00 min/miles
Heydon mizon – 7:00 min/miles
James Attenborough – 9:30 min/miles
James Crisp – 7:45 min/miles
James Douglas – 7:45 min/miles
James Douglas – 8:00 min/miles
Jason Lilley – 9:00 min/miles
Jenny Layley – 10:00 min/miles
Jo Smythe – 11:15 min/miles
Jodee Mayer – 12:00 min/miles
Jordan Barker – 8:30 min/miles
Karen Flowers – 10:15 min/miles
Kerry Townsend – 11:00 min/miles
Kevin Slattery – 9:15 min/miles
Kevin Slattery – 10:30 min/miles
Leanne Andrews – 10:15 min/miles
Lisa Leader – 9:45 min/miles
Lisa Leader – 10:00 min/miles
Liz Stuckey – 8:30 min/miles
Mark Austin – 8:15 min/miles
Nicholas Looby – 10:00 min/miles
Owen Dare – 7:15 min/miles
Paul English – 7:45 min/miles
Rebecca Booty – 9:15 min/miles
Rebecca Richards – 10:30 min/miles
Rebecca Richards – 9:00 min/miles
Sarah Naughton – 10:00 min/miles
Scott Darney – 6:45 min/miles
Simon Cresswell – 8:45 min/miles
Simon Scott – 8:30 min/miles
Stephen Sawyer – 6:15 min/miles
Sue Shippey – 10:45 min/miles
Tim Woulfe – 6:00 min/miles
Tom Ashley – 8:30 min/miles

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