WRC Coaching Questionnaire – We want your feedback!

7 May 2019 - By Scott Darney

WRC would like your feedback on Coaching at the club.

Witham Running Club has a dedicated coaching team who regularly volunteer their time to bring it’s  members a regular Thursday coached efforts session, marathon training plans and general on-going advice on running and racing.

Whilst it’s impossible to provide suitable coaching for every single member in these sessions, we do want to try and ensure that the training on offer is as inclusive and relevant as possible and so we are asking our members for feedback in the questionnaire below:

WRC Coaching Questionnaire

Please be aware that some of the suggestions within the survey are merely exploratory based on feedback from individuals within the club and no decision or changes will be made without full agreement from the committee.

Please use Question 10 to declare an interest in becoming a coach and remember to leave your name. Please also use this question for general feedback and comments on the coaching.

Thank you for your time.

WRC Coaching Team

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