XCountry Bake Off

11 October 2022 - By Rachel O'Leary

Dust off your aprons, grease your tins, it’s time for XCountry Bake Off!
If you would like to bake please vote on Facebook for the days you are available or comment below.
Also let me know if you can do a vegan/gluten free/other dietary variation bake.
1) Captains’ choice – guess Ben or Liz’s favourite bake
6th November – Great Bentley
2) Sausage Surprise – unusual flavour/ingredient
27th November – Halstead
3) Like mother used to make – nostalgic bake
15th January – Springfield
4) Noughts and crosses – bake in an unusual shape
29th January – Harwich
5) Black and gold – show some club spirit
19th February – Hadleigh

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