WRC’s Awards Evening 2019, Dinner, Dance & Posh Frocks!

4 January 2019 - By Charlotte Roberts

Presentation Evening 2019

It’s that time of year again – a chance to get out of that lycra and those beaten running shoes, dig deep into your wardrobe or splash out on a new outfit, chuck the hairspray in and let our hair down… it is our Annual Awards Evening! This year held at;

Benton Hall Golf Club, on Saturday 23rd of February.

What’s involved?

Apart from looking fabulous, the evening encompasses a 3 course, top-notch dinner, a raffle, a (makeshift!) photo booth, a DJ and dance moves that are simply priceless. Oh, and of course a few awards and Marc’s speech too!

It really is THE best night of the year, such a good opportunity to socialise in a different way, and to recognise many different achievements, contributions and improvements.

Who can go?

The evening is not just for members, but for non-members too, so if your partner doesn’t mind hearing all about running, then please do bring them! So go ahead and treat your partner! They deserve it for putting up with us saying “I’m just going for a run”… and then talking about that run all evening/day… (!)

And even better news is that it is only £25 per member! and only £30 for non-members!

So, what’s the next step?

Well, to purchase your tickets, please log on to the WRC website and head to the member’s area and click on Pay for an Event – there you’ll see the presentation evening and then a link for members and non-members.

Once you have done that – please then look down the right-hand side and click on Presentation Evening Menu – then check out the salivating options, and choose and submit what you would like – it’s that simple!

What now?

Then sit back (or go for a run) and get excited! I recommend any runs to do that weekend to do on Saturday morning… but that’s just my advice…!

Get going people! Will post again soon! 🙂 Charlotte X


  1. Michelle Walker Michelle Walker says:

    Hi Charlotte, I have just submitted my choice of menu but when I went to submit for my husband, the page was no longer there.

  2. Charlotte Roberts says:

    Hi Michelle, I think it’ worked now, I have Clive Walker’s menu choices, is this correct?

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