WRC Pub Run, The Cross Keys White Notley, Meet 6:45pm

26 July 2021 - By James Attenborough

Please respect the fact that some members may still want to social distance before and post the run. 

Please note the meet time of 6:45, the run will start at 7pm prompt , this allows us 15 minutes for chit chat, ordering food and the much missed announcements!

Please once again be aware of our club etiquette, therefore if you’re finding your group are more than 15seconds  per mile ahead of your stated pace, it maybe time to shuffle up a pace group.

Of course if you’re struggling in the group you are in then give yourself an easier run and drop back! The group behind will only be a couple of minutes behind (notify your group leader you are dropping back)!

The pub car park is fairly small this week, but I have obtained the permission of the village hall (further up the road on the right) to use their car park. However, please can the last person out of the car park, please shut the gates. If both car parks are full, please park courteously on the local roads.

The website for the pub is https://www.ckwn.co.uk/menus

The post code is CM8 1RQ.

It’s just the one familiar route this week, which has been kindly recced by Terry Alabaster, thank you Terry.

This is the route (5.7Miles )for those not familiar with it: https://www.withamrc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/WRC_8_30_trail_Cross_Keys-1.gpx

For those who want a shorter route, I would suggest agreeing this with your group and doing an out and back.

It is 60% trail so please consider this when selecting footwear etc.

We hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Tuesday 9:30+ Group
    • Caroline Robinson – 10:30 min/miles
    • Amanda Martin – 10:00 min/miles
    • Celine Elson – 10:30 min/miles
    • Rachel Dingley – 8:30 min/miles
    • Samantha martin – 10:00 min/miles
    • David Carey – 8:30 min/miles
    • Ben O’leary – 9:00 min/miles
    • Andrew Read – 9:00 min/miles
    • DJ – 9:00 min/miles
    • David Andrews – 10:00 min/miles
    • Nichola Norman – 9:30 min/miles
    • Terry Alabaster – 8:30 min/miles
    • Lisa Leader – 10:30 min/miles
    • Suzie low – 11:30 min/miles
    • Heydon Mizon – 6:30 min/miles
    • Abby Reilly – 9:00 min/miles
    • Colin Short – 12:00+ min/miles
    • Chris Beazeley – 8:00 min/miles
    • Liz Prior – 12:00+ min/miles
    • James Attenborough – 8:30 min/miles
    • Gavin Maclure – 8:30 min/miles
    • Banksy – 7:00 min/miles
    • Charlotte Roberts – 8:00 min/miles
    • Roo – 7:00 min/miles

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