WRC Pub Run, The Bell, Tolleshunt Major, Meet 6:30pm

5 September 2021 - By James Attenborough

This week I believe we have a new pub (though our more time served members may confirm otherwise).

We are heading to the Beckingham Bell and the website is https://www.thebeckinghambell.com/ 

For a special treat there is even a large car park! As such let’s try and make this the largest turn out of the summer!

Please respect the fact that some members may still want to social distance before and post the run

As this is our last rural road routed pub run (next week is back under streetlights), we hope to see our largest turn out! Thank you to everyone who has supported these country pubs over the last few weeks! It means they’ll be more than happy to welcome us all back next spring and summer!

However, as the rural running umpires have their light meters out with sunset at around 7.30pm, please note the slightly earlier meeting time of 6:30! The run will start once the announcements are finished (approx 6:45). This should allow for all groups to get back to the pub safely before the dark truly sets in.

We do suggest getting back in the practice of wearing your high-viz reflective tops and using head/chest torches etc. There are some high viz tops available in the club shop!

There are two road routes this week. Some of you will recognise it as most of The Swan in reverse.

https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/67798994  5.7Miles

https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/76223578 4.8Miles

Beckingham Bell Written Instructions

Tuesday 9:30+ Group
    • Caroline Robinson – 10:30 min/miles
    • Amanda Martin – 10:00 min/miles
    • Celine Elson – 10:30 min/miles
    • Rachel Dingley – 8:30 min/miles
    • Samantha martin – 10:00 min/miles
    • David Carey – 8:30 min/miles
    • Ben O’leary – 9:00 min/miles
    • Andrew Read – 9:00 min/miles
    • DJ – 9:00 min/miles
    • David Andrews – 10:00 min/miles
    • Nichola Norman – 9:30 min/miles
    • Terry Alabaster – 8:30 min/miles
    • Lisa Leader – 10:30 min/miles
    • Suzie low – 11:30 min/miles
    • Heydon Mizon – 6:30 min/miles
    • Abby Reilly – 9:00 min/miles
    • Colin Short – 12:00+ min/miles
    • Chris Beazeley – 8:00 min/miles
    • Liz Prior – 12:00+ min/miles
    • James Attenborough – 8:30 min/miles
    • Gavin Maclure – 8:30 min/miles
    • Banksy – 7:00 min/miles
    • Charlotte Roberts – 8:00 min/miles
    • Roo – 7:00 min/miles
    • Kevin – 10:30 min/miles

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