“Wildcard” Speed Development – “Eastways Strides”

26 February 2020 - By David Jobling

For “Wildcard” speed development this week your coaching team has planned an “Eastways Strides” intervals based session around the 400m loop we use on Eastways.

Meet please 1930 at Witham Leisure Centre for our session brief, we’ll aim to get away by 1945 for our warm up run to Eastways arriving around 1955ish where can meet any headed straight there.

After some dynamic stretches and warm up drills at Eastways, we’ll kick off the main part of our session which will last 30 minutes.

So for the main part of our session the plan is to continuously run for 14 minutes around the 400m loop with a faster strides effort along the longer straight section (approx 150m) and a slower run/jog around the rest of the lap. After 14 minutes there will be a 2 minute half time static break/recovery before beginning a second 14 minute segment.

It’s designed to be a sharpener that should help develop speed endurance for all.

Further details (pacing for all athletes and technical) will be provided tomo, there’ll be somewhere to leave those extra layers and drinks.

Look forward to meeting up with everyone Thursday. DJ.

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