Weekend Race Results

8 July 2018 - By Steve Hennings

As the heatwave drags on (I’m looking forward to the Autumn), some people continue to get some great PB’s as you will see!!

Great Bentley Friday 5

Not a club champs race this year, so entry numbers from WRC were down significantly. Dave Campbell achieved a great PB with Kevin Harper and Ross Silverton achieving season best times due to their acclimatisation at last week’s Springfield 5.

Name Time Comment
Dave Campbell 00:29:20 PB
Kevin Harper 00:33:59 SB
Dave Jobling 00:37:42
Adam Hocken 00:41:45
Ross Silverton 00:43:00 SB

Ware 10

Apparently it was a bit hot in Ware today! Nick Inns ran the toasty 10 miler in a time of 1:53:17

Felsted 10k

If the last 3 years temps at Felsted are any indication of global warming, then we’re all doomed as they’ve gone from Hot (2016), to Hotter (2017) to “You could fry an egg on that” this year. Sean Darney achieved a great PB despite the conditions.

Name Time Comment
Dave Campbell 38:05:00
Sean Darney 39:13:00 PB
Kevin Harper 44:41:00
Ross Silverton 57:13:00
Ben Miller 57:48:00


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