Virtual Ekiden 2021 – well done everyone!

25 July 2021 - By Natalie Lilley

Thanks once again to everyone who took part in this year’s virtual Ipswich Ekiden relay. WRC entered 7 teams in all, across 6 categories, which is a great turn-out for a virtual race.

Everyone coped well with the additional challenges of running a virtual leg, with only one person having to re-run the correct distance, and barely a handful of paused watches 😊 Slightly less effort on the whole went into the choice of team names 😄

Full results are shown below. Fantastic efforts all round, with special mention to the men’s Open team, finishing 14th overall, and “WRC Mixed Open” coming 9th in the biggest category. Despite a couple of technical issues, the ladies’ Super Vets team, Witham Sole Sisters, managed to podium! And it wouldn’t be Ekiden without at least one person having to run two legs – well done to Sasha for stepping in with an additional 10k at the last minute!

Team CAT Runner Leg Result Team Result Overall Pos Category Pos
WRC Men’s Open MO Mark Austin 7.2k 00:31:10 03:06:57 14th 7th
WRC Men’s Open MO Paul English 5k 00:22:21
WRC Men’s Open MO Andy Watson 10k 00:44:17
WRC Men’s Open MO Tom Ashley 5k 00:22:31
WRC Men’s Open MO Dean Whittaker 10k 00:45:40
WRC Men’s Open MO Clive Smith 5k 00:20:58
WRC mixed open Mixed Hayley Ellen 7.2k 00:33:32 03:14:19 22nd 9th
WRC mixed open Mixed Liz Prior 5k 00:22:03
WRC mixed open Mixed James Attenborough 10k 00:48:00
WRC mixed open Mixed Adam Regan 5k 00:21:57
WRC mixed open Mixed Katie Layley 10k 00:48:29
WRC mixed open Mixed James Blackshaw 5k 00:20:18
WRC Mixed Mixed Scott Townsend 7.2k 00:39:09 03:43:22 78th 46th
WRC Mixed Mixed Simon Scott 5k 00:22:29
WRC Mixed Mixed Ben O’Leary 10k 00:54:19
WRC Mixed Mixed Sharon Read 5k 00:27:01
WRC Mixed Mixed Rachel Dingley 10k 00:54:07
WRC Mixed Mixed John Lloyd 5k 00:26:17
WRC Mens Super Vets MSV Andrew Read 7.2k 00:35:09 03:48:11 82nd 4th
WRC Mens Super Vets MSV Colin Short 5k 00:30:32
WRC Mens Super Vets MSV Geoff Reddin 10k 00:51:22
WRC Mens Super Vets MSV Graham Eyre 5k 00:23:17
WRC Mens Super Vets MSV Darren Digby 10k 01:03:06
WRC Mens Super Vets MSV Ian Lucas 5k 00:24:45
WRC Sole Sisters LSV Celine Elson 7.2k 00:43:49 04:13:35 109th 2nd
WRC Sole Sisters LSV Kerry Townsend 5k 00:31:31
WRC Sole Sisters LSV Lysia Jiggins 10k 00:50:43
WRC Sole Sisters LSV Karen Flowers 5k 00:35:02
WRC Sole Sisters LSV Julia Bacon 10k 01:03:32
WRC Sole Sisters LSV Natalie Lilley 5k 00:28:58
WRC LV’s LV Sasha Rush 7.2k 00:45:38 04:13:40 110th 7th
WRC LV’s LV Suzie Low 5k 00:32:35
WRC LV’s LV Amanda Martin 10k 00:58:27
WRC LV’s LV Christine Wager 5k 00:28:17
WRC LV’s LV Sian Tate 10k 00:59:19
WRC LV’s LV Leanne Andrews 5k 00:29:24
Witham Lolloping Lovelies LO Jenny Layley 7.2k 00:41:47 04:41:28 131st 5th
Witham Lolloping Lovelies LO Libby Woodhull 5k 00:33:59
Witham Lolloping Lovelies LO Sarah Naughton 10k 00:56:59
Witham Lolloping Lovelies LO Jodee Mayer 5k 00:30:12
Witham Lolloping Lovelies LO Sasha Rush 10k 01:35:18
Witham Lolloping Lovelies LO Rebecca Richards 5k 00:23:13

Well done everyone on a great team effort. See you all in in Woodbridge next year!

Nat & Adam

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