Virtual Club Standards

2 February 2021 - By James Blackshaw

Let’s be honest, we all thought we’d be back to normal by now, didn’t we. We thought we’d be back running in big groups, racing at mass events, and generally being close enough to other people that you can smell what they had for lunch. Well, we’re not. However, that doesn’t mean that everything has to stop, and to that end, the club has made the decision to continue awarding members that can achieve impressive times across 4 of the 6 recognised distances.

If you’ve never heard of the Club Standards element of WRC before, please have a look at this link and then come back and read the rest of this post.

You’re back. Good. I’ll continue. As you’d probably expect, rather than completing these standards during a race, we are going to let you complete them virtually, but with the addition of some rules.

  • The route you take during the attempt must start and finish in the same place, (so either a looped course or an out & back), so that no advantage can be gained from an elevation loss.
  • The attempt should be submitted as a Strava screenshot or activity link, and should be set as a ‘Race’, so that it takes the total time for your activity, not just your moving time.
  • You can use previous virtual races you’ve taken part in, as long as they fit the criteria of the two rules above.

You can find the times for the club standards in that previous link. Your attempts should be submitted to Colsey, who will keep track of all of your results.

Also, we can still run with one other person at the mo, so if you think you’d like a pacer to help to achieve your target time then put a shout out on the FB page, and I’m sure someone will step up to the challenge. (As long as it’s within Covid guidelines blah blah…)

Good luck!



  1. Peter Banks Peter Banks says:

    What are Colsey’s contact details as there is not a link & he is not on the committee.
    Cheers, Banksy.

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