Update on James Montgomery

9 April 2019 - By Theresa Montgomery

As the cyclists amongst you will already know James was taking part in the Spring Lambs cycle Sportive on Sunday. During the event a heavy rain shower made the roads very slippery and unfortunately he had a spill between Fuller Street and Terling near “smelly farm”. In the process he badly broke his left hip.

James has now had the operation which was successful and thankfully did not require a hip replacement and they have managed to screw the ball back together. This carries a long convalescence but will be better in the long term taking into account James’ age and activity level.

Thanks for all the best wishes and visits.
James and Theresa


  1. Becky Grimwood Becky Grimwood says:

    Oh dear not a good day for cycling! Wishing you a speedy and full recovery James.

  2. Bill Smythe says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery James.

  3. Stewart Waller Stewart Waller says:

    Sorry to here this James. Hope you are able to make Halstead water station. Won’t be the same without you. In the meantime I recommend a combination of barley malt, hops, yeast and water to aid recovery. Works wonders for me!

  4. James Montgomery James Montgomery says:

    Thanks guys.
    Stew, I doubt I will be of any use at Halstead but I might try your recovery tonic.


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