Tuesday winter venue

17 September 2019 - By Marc Underdown

We learned a few weeks ago that we are no longer able to use the hall at the Football club on a Tuesday as they now have a weekly class using it.

Since then the committee has been investigating other options for a meeting point during the winter. Obviously we need somewhere big enough, quite enough, safe, with enough parking, within our budget, and be sustainable. This doesn’t make it easy!

Some of these options have been ruled out whilst we are still investigating others.

This week as the weather is good, I suggest we meet in the Football Club car park. Therefore you will need to leave any personal items in a car.

I’ll explain about the options were looking at tonight in case anyone has any other ideas.


  1. Paul English says:

    Not sure if there are any pubs with a function room? Might allow us to use free of charge if we bring in some extra beer revenue?

  2. Peter Banks Peter Banks says:

    What time does Weight Watchers start?
    If it is 19:30 could we meet at 19:10 during the winter months & clear the hall in time. It would also help slightly with the light.

  3. Jenny Layley Jenny Layley says:

    Has anyone looked at the British Legion Hall on Newland Street – plenty of parking – but no idea what they would need to charge for us to use it?

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