Tuesday Social Run, The Prince Louis, Great Notley, 7pm Start.

11 September 2021 - By James Attenborough

Welcome to the final pub run of the summer! We return this week to our occasional winter pub run location of the Prince Louis in Great Notley. There is plenty of parking as there is a Tesco opposite too.

Thank you to everyone who has turned up and supported our local country pubs. I hope you enjoyed the selection, hopefully 2022 will be back to the full quota of 18 weeks!

The light has now sadly caught us, so this week it is essential that you wear your head torches and high viz. Remember we are representing the club in our training gear etc, so lets look as well prepared as we could do in attending these runs and lets make sure we can all be seen in the dark.

Please also note the start time of 7pm. Please note the run will start immediately after the announcements which will start at 7pm prompt. Therefore if you are ordering food, please arrive sufficiently early to be able to do this.

Another point to note that we are now making the adjustment from rural roads to pavement. Unfortunately some of the inner town roads and pavements are of course littered with pot holes and drop kerbs etc. We want to ensure that injury risk is kept to an absolute minimum as such please note the below.

This week the route takes in Tortoiseshell Way and we advise specific caution on the left hand side. It is recommended to run at the side of the road on this section before we rejoin the path. 

Good group running etiquette is of course to call out for pot holes, branches, potential hazards etc, please take care of the other runners within your group and ensure no one is left to run on their own!

Here is this weeks route. For over five miles you will need to do the top loop twice. You’ll be able to agree this with your group on the night.


We look forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday 9:30+ Group
    • Caroline Robinson – 10:30 min/miles
    • Amanda Martin – 10:00 min/miles
    • Celine Elson – 10:30 min/miles
    • Rachel Dingley – 8:30 min/miles
    • Samantha martin – 10:00 min/miles
    • David Carey – 8:30 min/miles
    • Ben O’leary – 9:00 min/miles
    • Andrew Read – 9:00 min/miles
    • DJ – 9:00 min/miles
    • David Andrews – 10:00 min/miles
    • Nichola Norman – 9:30 min/miles
    • Terry Alabaster – 8:30 min/miles
    • Lisa Leader – 10:30 min/miles
    • Suzie low – 11:30 min/miles
    • Heydon Mizon – 6:30 min/miles
    • Abby Reilly – 9:00 min/miles
    • Colin Short – 12:00+ min/miles
    • Chris Beazeley – 8:00 min/miles
    • Liz Prior – 12:00+ min/miles
    • James Attenborough – 8:30 min/miles
    • Gavin Maclure – 8:30 min/miles
    • Banksy – 7:00 min/miles
    • Charlotte Roberts – 8:00 min/miles
    • Roo – 7:00 min/miles
    • Kevin – 10:30 min/miles
    • Dean Whittaker – 7:30 min/miles


  1. sasha rush says:

    Sorry I can’t make it now……enjoy x

  2. Kerry Townsend Kerry Townsend says:

    I will now be joining 11.30’s. Kerry.

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