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26 August 2020 - By Bill Smythe

“But you can’t muscle through a five-hour run that way; you have to relax into it like easing your body into a hot bath, until it no longer resists the shock and begins to enjoy it.”
Christopher McDougall

A return to some group running 

Informal group running with a maximum of 6 people continues with the running buddies, if you want to run in one of these smaller informal groups whilst maintaining social distancing please speak to Liz Prior or myself.


The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee

Last week of this epic challenge. Final results will be published at end of month.

Strava Art

Strava art part 3 continues. Check out the post for further details.

Tuesday Virtual run 

New challenge to start soon.

Thursday Speed Development 

This week the speed development session will be coached in a Covid secure environment. If you wish to take part you must sign up beforehand. See post from Scott for further details. 

Virtual Essex Way Relay

We have manged to put together 4 teams for this navigation trail run across the Essex countryside.  See post for team lists.

EA weekly 30 run challenge 

The EA weekly 30 continues with 5 members running this week. WRC finished 10th this week and move to 13th in the overall team scores. You can still sign up and join the WRC team, it’s just 30 minutes each weekend. Details in post.

Trail races

Essex Trail Events

Don’t hit the wall 14 or 7 miles from Bradwell Marina on 27th September. Check their website for more details.

Self Isolation & support

If you are in self isolation and need some support please reach out to WRC, I am sure all members would be happy to help. There is also a post from Jason and Jo, our welfare reps on the website.


Stay safe.



  1. Ross Silverton says:

    Hi Bill
    There is a 10k race to be held on 13th September – it is at Duxford Airfield –
    The race is called `The Duxford Dash`- for info & entry go on to the Duxford Air Museum Web Site

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