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2 September 2020 - By Bill Smythe

Most runners run not because they want to live longer, but because they want to live life to the fullest.

Haruki Murakami 

A return to some group running 

Informal group running with a maximum of 6 people continues with the running buddies, if you want to run in one of these smaller informal groups whilst maintaining social distancing please speak to Liz Prior or myself.


Congratulations to the 20 members who completed the The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee. Special mention to Pete Banks who also ran back completing 1270 miles in 122 days. Karen Flowers was the second person home and the first WRC lady completing the 635 miles in 79 days.


Beth Shippey 105
Damien Walsh 117
Dan Griffiths 104
Danny Conner 123
Dave Jobling 116
Liz Prior 108
Gerry Greenwold 80
James Blackshaw 87
James Douglas 87
Jason Lilley 121
Jodee Mayer 89
Julia Bacon 93
Karen Flowers 79
Maxine Leech 99
Natalie Lilley 101
Nick Looby 87
Peter Banks 66 / 122 (1270)
Becca Booty 123
Shannon Wing 111
Terry Alabastar 100



 Well done to the 10 members who took part in this 12 hour endurance race. WRC Ladies, Karen Flowers, Sue Shippey, Julia Bacon, Beth Shippey. In it to Gin it – Jodee Mayer, Sarah Naughton, Liz Woodhull.


Place Team name Laps
6 WRC Ladies 23
8 In it to Gin it 22
24 Natalie Lilley 15
29 Sasha Rush 13
34 Jason Lilley 12



Special mention to Becca Booty who completed the VRAT and the M25 Vultra, a 117 mile virtual run round the M25 in August and now plans to run the virtual London Marathon on 4th October.

.Strava Art

Strava art part 3 continues. Check out the post for further details.

Tuesday Virtual run

 Post Box – every mile should include a photo of a post box or other Royal Mail stuff, van etc. See FB post for details

Virtual Essex Way Relay

We have manged to put together 4 teams for this navigation trail run across the Essex countryside.  See post for team lists. Please post results on FB Group post or send to me.

EA weekly 30 run challenge

 The EA weekly 30 continues with 3 members running this week. WRC finished 19th this week and move to 14th in the overall team scores. You can still sign up and join the WRC team, it’s just 30 minutes each weekend. Details in post.

Trail races

Essex Trail Events

Don’t hit the wall 14 or 7 miles from Bradwell Marina on 27th September. Check their website for more details.

Self Isolation & support

If you are in self isolation and need some support please reach out to WRC, I am sure all members would be happy to help. There is also a post from Jason and Jo, our welfare reps on the website.

 Stay safe.


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