Track Session Update – Did you leave a Water Bottle?

21 May 2016 - By Martyn Byford

Many thanks to Rachel for an excellent session this morning.

It was good to see Scott and Snooky for the first time with the latter preferring to spend his 3 minute recovery between sets time doing long jump !

For those of you who timed your 300s please have a look at them to ensure they are consistent throughout. I will be having a look at Strava and may comment if appropriate :-).

Rachel and I have had a look at the video and will be giving feedback again where appropriate.

Well done to everyone who attended especially the Birthday Boy aka Mr Austin.

I have a High 5 Race Faster Water Bottle in my car if anyone returned home without it.

Next session will be in 2 weeks time due to Hatfield Broad Oak 10k on Bank Holiday Monday.




  1. Rachel Pearsons says:

    Well done to those who came today. If you want to see the videos from today, please click on the below link. As Martyn says, we shall be providing feedback to you all. Great work by all of you!!

  2. Clare Morrison says:

    Hi – thanks again Martyn & Rach for an awesome session. The water bottle is mine. Thanks for keeping it. I’ll be at morrisons tomo or club on Tuesday. Clare X

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