Tomorrows efforts session – Riverwalk

7 June 2017 - By Emma Austin

Evening everyone!

Join Becky and I tomorrow for a speed work based session at the Riverwalk. The session will be 400m reps along 2 different sections of the Riverwalk starting at the viaduct with a 1 minute recovery between each repetition. Running in your usual Tuesday night groups you will be set off on one section of the Riverwalk swapping after 15 minutes following a longer 2 minute recovery. As usual the session will last for 30 minutes following a warm up and drills. This is an excellent session to test yourself to improve your speed but can be for absolutely everyone and we would be happy to support those new to effort sessions, running, returning from injury or racing at any event over the weekend.

There will be a safe place where you will be able to leave valuables and please bring adequate hydration and an extra layer for returning to the sports centre as you will cool down quickly.

So with the technicalities dealt with lets meet at the reception of the new sports centre – Fusion for a further run through of the session including a technical point of focus which will be ‘arms’ more will be revealed tomorrow!

Becky and I look forward to seeing you there!

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