Thursdays Festive Train speed session!

10 December 2019 - By Emma Austin

This weeks effort session has a truly festive feel to it and is set to raise your heart rate, get into some team work pacing as well as having some jolly good fun!

Following the briefing at the sports centre at 19:30 we will jog up to the popular Gershwin estate where we will be utilising the long path and the top loop for our train (no circling around the pond this week!) This is a well-lit area with decent path space for a train. Please note that we don’t have right of way over the public so please be respectful when running.

After a dynamic warm up you will be in small groups (numbers to be decided on the night) and the aim is to run one in front of another and all running for the duration of our 30 minute session. The person at the front of the train will set the pace of the group for a period of time (you could liken yourselves to elves or reindeer setting off on their Christmas Eve night)! Once the person at the front of the train has decided to hand over the ‘carrot’ then you will shout something festive and the person at the back of the train will run to the front to then decide the pace and the speed and so on and so on. It is essential and the sessions focus will be to remain as a tight train, leaving no one behind and working on team work. This is to help build runner confidence and getting to know people you may not usually run with in your usual speed groups.

Half way through the session we will sprinkle some reindeer dust and get you to ‘swap’ teams for the second half of the session.

Please bring adequate hydration and a layer for once the session has ended, festive headgear is a must please and there may also be some festive treats thrown in for those demonstrating impeccable team work trains. If you haven’t thought about trying a Thursday effort session before this is the perfect session for all to come along and have some festive fun!

Kerry and I look forward to seeing you there!

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