Thursday Speed Development – Track @New Rickstones Academy 7.30pm

20 July 2021 - By David Jobling

Meeting again this week at New Rickstones Academy, Conrad Road, Witham on Thursday at 7.30pm to complete our 3 week residency there before our Summer 5k at The Angel on 29th July (now confirmed).

Please plan to do a warm up run before 7.30pm – this can be done around the track/field beforehand or around adjacent roads – so we can kick off with some drills (and maybe some hurdles again?) and the main session part as soon as possible after 7.30pm.

As with the recent track sessions and for those not familiar with them, session details will not be posted in advance and instead will be a surprise for all athletes – this means they will be simple to follow (start/stop on whistle) and for those who like to review stats and splits then best you manually lap your watch at the beginning and end of each repetition. The format has worked well for us on the track with a mixed group of runners.

We will be doing a mixture of repetitions, rough pacing guidance is as follows and we may (or may not?) cover some or all of these distances:

Up to 400m – roughly 5k pace
600m -800m – roughly 10k pace
1,000m -1,200m – roughly 10m-HM pace

After the session main part, please also do a cool down jog and post session stretching either with the group or independently if not staying.

For anyone who is unable to attend, please let me know either below or via FB and I can provide you with the session details or a similar session to run but please don’t run it early and post details on strava so that everyone knows what the session is – part of the “fun” is the suspense and surprise of not knowing!

For this session your coaching team – big thanks to Sasha & Kerry – will be able to accommodate up to 36 members so please sign up below to book your spot.

Speed Development Session
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