Thursday Speed Development Session – “The Julia”

27 April 2021 - By David Jobling

Our speed development session this week is based on “The Julia” we have run before, a staple workout of US runner Julia Stamps Mallon and a session Scott first virtually introduced to us in Lockdown 1 2020.

The main part will be a straight forward 33 minute workout block for all, please tho be cautious if you have been feeling unwell or recovering from any recent injury or condition & please select an appropriate pace and recovery for you.

Only 24 athlete participants can be accommodated in total so sign up below to secure your place. Please adhere to all present Government and UKA Covid related rules and guidelines, do not congregate in large groups), perform the workout in groups of no more than 6 and stay 1-2 metres apart during the course of the session and give distance when overtaking.

Please do a warm up run of 1-2 miles before our 7.30pm Eastways loop meet up when after initial briefing we’ll kick off with some warm up drills to get the body ready and gradually increase heart rate for “The Julia”.

The session can be programmed into your Garmins or other devices, the structure is as follows:

10 x 60/60 – 60 seconds @ 5k Pace followed 60 seconds recovery slow run/jog/walk.
3 minutes rest.
10 minutes run @ “Tempo” pace (10k-10M pace, perhaps quicker than “Tuesday” pace).

After completing “The Julia” please do 1-2 mile cool down jog/run followed by some static stretching.

Please let Jodee or myself know if you have any questions beforehand or any feedback afterwards.

Jodee and I look forward to meeting up with everyone Thursday. DJ


*Sign up facility removed as session is now fully subscribed*


  1. Jodee Mayer
  2. Sarah Naughton
  3. Katie Layley
  4. Abby Reilly
  5. Ben O’leary
  6. Rachel Dingley
  7. Andy Lager
  8. Bethany Shippey
  9. Daniel Griffiths
  10. Rebecca Richards
  11. Karen Buttress
  12. Simon Scott
  13. Sasha Rush
  14. Clive Smith
  15. Geoffrey Reddin
  16. Andrew White
  17. Haydeh
  18. Steve Hookings
  19. Dean Whittaker
  20. James Crisp
  21. Pete Riley


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