Thursday Speed Development – Armond/Cromwell Hills

21 September 2021 - By David Jobling


Meet please 7.30pm at bottom junction Armond Road/Chelmer Road (where green & red dots are on map) – there is a grassy area near the post box and footpath.

Please do not park in the surrounding residential streets but maybe in another or more public area just an ideal warm up and cool down jog away – thank you for your understanding – and please be visible via reflective hi viz wear.

Probably not easily programmed to Garmin or something else, maybe a session best for the lap button so more detail on the actual workout, pacing & recoveries on Thursday.

In summary tho we’ll be running shorter efforts again as last week, uphill and downhill pushes + recoveries around a loop of Armond Road & Cromwell Way, with half time break and switch of direction the duration should be just over 30 minutes for the session main part after warm ups & drills.

Sign up below, let Scott or myself know if any q’s via comment below or FB


Speed Development Session
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