Thursday session – progressive pace sets

14 August 2019 - By Becky Grimwood

Hello all!

Scott and I look forward to welcoming you on Thursday for a new session – ‘Progressive Pace Sets’ (sorry, couldn’t think of a catchy name for it).

As (mostly) usual, please meet at the leisure centre for a 7:30pm briefing. Our main session will take place on the first parklife field.

This session is designed to get you thinking about and feeling what it is like to run at different paces in a safe and manageable way. You will be using your aerobic training zone for the majority of the run and training your body to gain strength running at the faster paces whilst still focusing on technique and coordination.

The session in brief

  • Warm up jog and drills
  • 2x sets of 15 min progressive pace running, starting EASY and getting faster every 3 minutes. Final 3 minutes will be faster than your Tues night pace and have you breathing hard, but NOT an all out run. In the middle will be a 2 (ish) min moving recovery to have a drink and discuss technique/ anything with the coaches.
  • Cool down jog and all important stretches.

Extra pace guidance* for those who want it –  (*the coaches might adapt this guidance on the night once they have trialled it again for themselves!)

  • 3 mins EASY – recovery pace (think, post marathon/long run shuffle)
  • 3 mins STEADY MARATHON pace (or ‘I am warm but could keep running for hours’)
  • 3 mins STEADY HALF MARATHON pace (or ‘I am getting warmer and my breathing is heavier but I could still run for longer than on a Tues night’)
  • 3 mins TEMPO pace (or ‘I am still in control of my technique and breathing, but this is hard. I can keep going for no more than an hour – like on a Tues night’)
  • 3 mins 3-5K race pace (or ‘This is quite fast for me and I might lose control of my technique – so I will focus on that to get me through it’)
  • (SLOW DOWN gradually to recover – 2 min drink swish, reflect on your pacing and adjust accordingly before repeating the set.)

Suitable for experienced and beginner runners alike – please let us know if you are new to efforts and/ or running in general, or returning from injury/a long break as we will advise you on how to adjust these reps, which will be important for you to do.


Thursday sessions – or any effort sessions are NOT all about pace – correct running technique is, in my view at least, more important. If you run fast with poor technique you are more likely to get injured. As we are in a location which enables Scott and I to see you clearly throughout the session, we are keen for you to really focus on this. We will therefore be giving guidance throughout the session, on an individual or group basis. If you want us to watch or advise on anything specific, or even video you, please ask us.

We would like you to specifically think about your POSTURE.

Proper running posture Chest forward, shoulders back and relaxed, no forward bend from the waist – run tall, head/face and neck relaxed with gaze on distant objects ahead.


Not sure what this rollercoaster of a weather system will be doing tomorrow eve, hopefully not pouring down as it is right now. Please dress accordingly and brink a drink with you. There will be a car nearby for additional layers for before/after.

See you Thursday!



  1. Gavin Moore Gavin Moore says:

    Great session last night Becky and Scott, I really enjoyed it. Even re-enacting the ministry of silly walks sketch from Monty Python. Thanks

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