Thursday session – Egyptian Hills

6 August 2019 - By James Crisp

In other words… Pyramids.

This is a new session at Beeleigh Abbey in Maldon where we have previously done a 500m hills session.

Hills is a key session to build strength and stamina and will be important to attend pre XC and Autumn race season.

This time we return to this rural location for a pyramid session where we will use lamp posts to run further up the hill with each effort. Each lamp post is about 50m apart making each effort longer than the previous. There are 10 posts all together.

We will meet in Tesco car park near the Click and Collect by 7.30pm. Our jog warm up will be along the river which is about 1.2miles to the start point where we will do some dynamic stretches. The location is lovely and quiet and there’s not much apart from a couple of houses at the end of the lane so we probably won’t see many cars, if at all.

So, the session overview.

  • Out to the first lamp post at tempo pace (Tuesday night pace) or 10k pace
  • Recovery jog back down the hill to return to the the start
  • Then repeat the above 2 steps to the next lamp post.

Whichever lamp post you get to after the first 15 minutes you will then repeat to return back down the pyramid with your efforts getting shorter until you return back to the first.

The weather is expected to be approx 22 degrees so quite warm but will be shaded from the tree line. Don’t forget to bring a drink to hydrate for before and after the session.

As always with these new sessions we welcome your feedback, good and bad so we know whether to include in the schedule in the future.

DJ and I look forward to seeing you there.

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