Thursday Session Details – Short Pyramids

19 August 2019 - By David Jobling

This Thursday it’s that “short pyramids” session we’ve done many times before and a great way to get our bodies used to running faster.

So early session details this week to give everyone time if they want to have a go programming Garmins or other devices if you don’t already have it on there from another occasion.

We’ll be going to the usual session location for this one at that oak tree on Dancing Dicks Lane via Blunts Hall Road, meet first at Witham Leisure Centre before we head off promptly just after 1930 for our warm up run and some drills before we kick off the core part of our session which will last near enough 30 minutes – but with an optional extra block add on (See below).

It is a session suitable for all and if you’ve not done this one before don’t worry as many of our members have and we’ll run through it again on Thursday, the plan is we run quick short efforts of 30, 60 & 90 seconds out in the same direction up Blunts Hall Road towards Dancing Dicks Lane, and then 90,60 & 30 seconds back down the way you came to get to roughly where you started – and the core session plan is to do that 3 times so that’s 3 blocks of 30,60,90, 90,60, 30. We’ll cover technical & pacing guidance on Thursday.

We’ll have static/moving recoveries of 30 seconds between each effort.

There’ll be 2 minutes breaks after 1st & 2nd block, when you get back to where you started.

Total time for the core part of the 3 block session will be just under 30 mins.

If adding on the additional 4th pyramid block, simply add in another 2 minute break after the 3rd block and then add an additional 4th block of 30,60,90,90,60,30 with 30 second recoveries between each effort.

We’ll start off in our groups at different staggered points to avoid congestion on the return legs.

Parking is limited there and we may not have a secure area for your stuff altho drinks and clothing layers are usually ok at your own risk.

Becky and I look forward to meeting up with everyone Thursday. DJ

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