Thursday nights efforts!

10 April 2019 - By Emma Austin

Tomorrow nights efforts session is designed to be a ‘sharpener’ after last weeks longer efforts session. Please remember that this session is for absolutely everyone so why don’t you come along and give it a go!


Following a briefing at Fusion (the sports centre) on Spinks lane we will jog as a group down to Gershwin Boulevard where following some dynamic stretches our activity will take place on the wide footpath that runs the south and east side of the pond so we won’t be running in front of the houses which we do for other efforts.

This is 300m long so perfect for a 300m efforts session! Please do keep on the left hand side of the path as usual we don’t have right of way of any other users of the pathway. 

Your pace will be based on your 5k pace (maybe a little) quicker with a 1 minute static recovery at the end of each rep before you turn around and run back in the opposite direction. Following on from last weeks theme we will be concentrating on pacing as we’d expect each rep to be fairly similar (within 5% either side). 

We will break the session in half so that there is a 3 minute recovery in the middle so also great to recover and hit the pace again!  

We’d anticipate that runner will complete 5 – 7 reps per block.

Don’t forget your layers for when you finish the session and as ever hydration and your high vis we still haven’t got full daylight for our evening sessions yet!


Scott and I look forward to seeing you there!


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