The Annabelle Reed Ekiden Trophy Award 2019

10 August 2019 - By David Jobling

The Annabelle Reed Ekiden Trophy which we award to one of our team members at The Ekiden Relay this year goes to Darren Digby.

With 21 runners covering the 24 slots and with some rejigging, there were a number in the mix for the award this year. Natalie & Jason didn’t make it home till early morning the night before but still stepped up to run longer legs than originally planned. Karen, Leo and Jordan, who ran further than anyone else, doubled up and did two legs each. Super sub Adam responded to our SOS and came forward the night before at almost the 11th hour. It all went down to the wire as well with Mark Austin, who as reported bagged the “cutting it fine” honours, finally arrived cool as ever in the pit lane just seconds before handover. And there was also a new 10k club record for Heydon.

A great WRC team effort and performance on the day from everyone in action or on camera and supporting duty. The award tho deservedly going to Darren Digby who had forgotten all about the event and really did wait until the midnight hour on the evening before when he saw and responded to the panic “are you still ok for tomo” message at a party and, as story and legend now has it, thought he better down another glass of something strong. Not wanting to let the team down, he made it to the start still in great spirits, ran his leg grinning, waving and showboating (well maybe the first 2 of his 4 laps) and smiled, chatted and encouraged others throughout the day in the true Annabelle way.

Well done Darren, your name is on the team sheet for next year already, and a big thanks to everyone who helped save and make a great day. DJ

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