Survey feedback

6 April 2021 - By Bill Smythe

Following the recent survey sent out to members we wanted to feedback to you the committees response to the main items raised. Please see below.

Training Sessions could be posted slightly earlier

This has now been done and we will endeavour to continue to update on Mondays.

Keeping in contact with runners who are injured/Zoom Get together

A post was sent out early on in lockdown. We are thinking of a  zoom drop in meeting every few weeks for all the members. Bill could do some announcements and it would be a nice way for members to mix. We could have a theme for the evening, introduce new members. We could set-up a link on the website for anyone injured to contact the welfare officers.

We will also look at other non running virtual events like quizzes.

Social Event when we are allowed

We traditionally hold a club BBQ every summer. James A is looking into a social event as soon as we are able. Using the Rugby Club or other venue might be an option.

More Variety on a Tuesday

After a discussion about Tuesday runs, we agreed the structure works. The Tuesday run can be run at your own pace – tempo or easy. We would normally run from a pub in the summer with a variety of routes including some trial runs.

More organisation for virtual events

We have taken this on board, and will look at better ways of organising if there are further external virtual team events.

The virtual events were made as inclusive as possible and included as many members as we could. For the virtual Essex Way Relay we had more teams than we have submitted for a number of years

Value for money

This is being covered by reducing this year’s membership fees and freezing payments until October.

More Activities/challenges

With restrictions being eased we are not planning anymore Tuesday virtual events. We have discussed setting-up a challenge like the one that members have been doing whereby they have been virtually running round the M25. This could be tracked via setting-up a Strava Group. We welcome any other ideas from members.

5K Option for the Pub Runs

The club standard is that all members must be able to run 5 miles before coming to the club, therefore we will stick to the current routes as there are several route options at most pub runs.

19.30 start

This is quite divisive as some other members want club nights to start earlier. Previously we tried to make sure we start the announcements at 19.30 prompt so that we are out running by 19.45. We will look to do a poll closer to the return to normality to see whether members want to keep that start time at 19.30 or make it earlier.

Selfie Event

Updating the current members photo for our background is normally done once a year. We discussed creating a montage to celebrate the new membership year. We can ask members to wear their racing vests. New members could wear black or WRC Gold to maintain the same colours.

We will try and update the members picture as soon as are able.

Focussing on the slower groups

This is now covered with a large percentage of our runners now in the 9.30’s. Please let us know if you feel there is still more that can be done.

Tuesday announcements/Club Newsletter

Tuesday announcements to be re-started and a newsletter from the website is sent out weekly to all members.

Sunday Long Runs

The Sunday runs were poorly attended before the covid restrictions. Once we can run in groups again, we will promote this on the website from Morrison’s carpark and other meeting places. It was suggested we also try Abberton Reservoir or Alton Water. In marathon season there tends to be more people turn-up as they want long runs for their training.

Official Encouragement for newer members

It has been a difficult time to join a club as everything has been virtual. There is plenty of options for members to take part in sessions. It can be overwhelming for a new member to see everyone in groups when arriving for a session. An idea is to carry on the buddy group when we can get back to normal with a committee member becoming a buddy for new members.


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