Structured training – 400 Reps @ Rickstones Academy

5 June 2019 - By Martyn Byford

A grass track venue so please go straight through the car park and play ground on to the School Field.

Upon arrival please commence your warm up with a slow jog around the track.

Following 3/4 laps we will brief the session before drills which will warm up those muscle sets which you will be using during the main 400 repartition session.

This 400 metre session will be slightly different to our normal one.

Tonight you will run alternative paced 400s, your first will be at your 5k pace and the next lap your goal will be to run quicker  following an approximate 1 minute break which will begin when the last person in your group finishes. This will be repeated for around 35 minutes. So one at 5k pace the next quicker.

The learn point is about pacing and running conservatively at the outset. For the majority of us the shortest distance that we compete over is 5k and therefore that is the speed that we need to improve which will translate to longer distances. So if your goal is to run 10k in 50 minutes then it is unlikely you will achieve this until you can cover 5k in 25 minutes.

To help with your pacing if you care to indicate your 5k time on our FB site we will advise you on the night of your required lap time and will also give us an indication of likely numbers. We will also flag the 200 metre mark to give additional guidance.

Following the session a couple of laps at chat pace please followed by some static stretches.

Please bring water, something to change out of and insect repellent. It may also be advisable to bring a kit bag in case of a shower.

It goes without saying, but I will, this session is suitable for everyone so it will be great to see a big turn out.

Any questions please post on FB .


Martyn and Penny

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