Speed Development 07/12 – long and short efforts

3 December 2023 - By Jodee Mayer

Another new session for us this week, with the aim to work on our end of race pacing!

Please meet at Eastways (W3W – revised.workouts.shifts, near Arnie’s Dog Groomers, CM8 3YS) at 7.30pm having done a warm up jog (at least 10 minutes please). Please ensure you have hi-viz and/or lights. We will then take you through a warm up and some drills before starting the sessions.

The session for this week is:

  • 1k/2.5 laps (90s recovery)
  • Repeats of (600m/1.5 laps (60s), 400m/1 lap (60s), 200m/0.5 lap (60s))
  • 1k/4 laps

The aim of the session is to run the second 1km in the same time (or as close as possible) as the first 1km – having run some efforts in between.

For safety we will run the whole session around the loop.

As always, it is your session and your paces should be adapted as necessary to account for your training and racing (do speak to us before if you want to have a chat about this), however the pace guidance for the 1km efforts is current or goal 5k pace, and the efforts in between at goal 5k pace.

We will then do a cool down, and then some stretches.

As you will appreciate, we will not all be running the same number of  the middle efforts. Everyone should aim for their total session time to be somewhere between 30 and 35 minutes. We will let you have time updates during the session, but you may want work out how many full (and maybe part) 600/400/200 you might do.

As an example, for me I would do 2 full sets and it’ll bring me out at about 32 mins.

If you want to programme it, it will look a little bit like this.

Any questions in advance of the session let us know.

Jodee & Max


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