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28 September 2021 - By Bethany Shippey

Hi everyone,

The deposit payment is now live on the website for our AKA meal on Tuesday 2nd November at 8:30pm.  You can find it in the members area under ‘pay for an event’.

The deposit is £10 per person and if you want to bring non members/partners, you can increase the quantity to add another deposit to your basket.

The evening includes a starter and a main for £19 each and your deposit will be deducted from your final bill on the night.

For more information please see the original post here.

Please add your name/names if you are attending to the list at the bottom once you have paid your deposits, thank you.

Any questions, please ask.


AKA Social Meal
    • Jodee Mayer
    • Jenny Layley and Jonathan Moore
    • Sue Shippey
    • Beth Shippey
    • Jon Shippey
    • Ben O’leary
    • Rachel Dingley
    • Lysia & Paul Jiggins
    • Celine & Gary Elson
    • Karen and John Flowers
    • Ann Johnson
    • Lisa Leader
    • Terry and Charlotte Alabaster
    • Colsey and Sandie Short
    • Clarice
    • Kerry Townsend
    • James Montgomery
    • Theresa Montgomery
    • Mike struthers
    • Caroline Robinson
    • Jen Donohoe
    • Karen Struhers
    • Penny Clarke
    • Patrick and Mary-Anne
    • Sasha Rush
    • Leanne Andrews
    • Scott Darney
    • Fiona Collins
    • Sarah Naughton
    • Bill & Jo Smythe
    • Libby Woodhull
    • Shane Ketteridge
    • Maxine Leech and Danny Connor
    • Penny Clarke
    • Stewart Waller & Jacq Filby
    • Hope Brough
    • Erin
    • Daniel Griffiths


  1. Mike Struthers says:

    Hi Beth

    I have now paid for karen,



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