Return to group running update

31 July 2020 - By Bill Smythe

I am sure some of you are wondering when we can return to some organised group running and equally I am sure some of you have concerns about returning to group running and if it is safe. I thought I would share some information from England Athletics which gives guidance to affiliated running clubs and a return to group running.

To return to as near to normal group running with social distancing we would need the following.

A Covid secure environment which has the following requirements;

Covid 19 officer in place
Risk assessment
Health questionnaire required before each session – this will include a first aid disclaimer
Test and trace – register of all attendees. This may need to be done in advance.
Social distancing – must be able to maintain at all times
Government hygiene measures followed

If in place a maximum of 12 runners in a group including a leader / coach. Unlimited numbers can meet maintaining 2m social distancing.

If all of the the above are not in place – Non secure Covid 19 environment

Maximum 6 runners including a leader / coach.

Once we have all the requirements in place for a Covid secure environment we will carry out some pilots to test our processes and if this can be done safely we will look to return to a more structured Tuesday and then the same for Thursdays.

In the mean time if you want to run in an informal group please contact Liz P or myself. The groups must be a maximum of 6 people and a register of who has run must also be kept, contact details are not required. WRC holds all members contact details securely and these will be shared with the Test and Trace system if required.

Stay safe


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