Race Results w/e 10/03/19

11 March 2019 - By James Blackshaw

It was one of those weekends when Strava temporarily turned into the Weather Channel, with almost runner acknowledging the high winds affecting their runs. This, combined with the fact that there were no local races, meant our runners were getting blown all over the country.

The Maverick Innov8 Original Hampshire 2019

The Oxford English Dictionary has recently added ‘Matt Jordan’ to it’s verbs, and defined it as “To run without the need to taper, rest or recover.” but then we’d expect nothing else from the winner of the Brian Humbles award. Only two weeks after completing the St Peter’s Way ultra, MJ was at it again, this time over in Hampshire taking on the efficiently titled The Maverick Innov8 Original Hampshire 2019. He was doing the long course, which looks to be about 13.5 miles and with plenty of elevation, finishing in 2:05:45.

Surrey Half Marathon

Marc ‘The Typhoon’ Underdown was down at the Surry Half Marathon as WRC’s only participant, and gusted round in 1:36:08.

Thetford Forest 10k Hoohaah

Bill and Jo Smythe tried to escape the wind by running in the forest yesterday morning, with Tornado Bill storming around the 10km multi-terrain course in 44:07 and finishing in a very impressive 24th place. Hurricane Jo breezed around the course in 1:07:52.

Brett Lydd 20

Jodee ‘Monsoon’ Mayer was down on the south coast and took part in the Brett Lydd 20, finishing in 4:40:41.


Well done everyone. Let me know if I’ve missed your race or result.


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