Race Results – w/e 03/03/19

4 March 2019 - By James Blackshaw

Essex 20

This race is quite a big deal, and sees the end of both the Essex County Championship and Inter-County Championship. WRC were 16 strong, and brought home a whole host of awards and PBs. It’s taken me a while to work out all the incredible things that Rachel Sweatt achieved, but I think I’ve got it now: She was 2nd female at the race, but was 1st lady at the Essex Champs overall. She was also part of the winning female Essex County team, and lastly, but definitely not leastly, part of a very strong Witham ladies team along with Hayley Ellen and Vicky Hunt that bought home the ladies bronze. Leo Cole won the bronze county champs medal in the M50 Category, and Mark Austin won gold in M60. Brigid Wallen also had a great day, collecting the F55 Bronze medal, and taking a massive chunk off the club record. Heydon was first across the line for WRC, but Scott Darney was actually the first to finish, stepping off the course after two of the three laps. If only there was some sort of race distance close to 13 miles he could have raced instead. Anyway, full results below. I’ve included PBs, but not SBs, as, let’s face it, there are literally no other 20 miles races in the whole of the country.


Mizon, Heydon 2:07:55 PB
Martin, Chris 2:08:52 PB
Sweatt, Rachel 2:09:05 PB/CR
Cole, Leo 2:15:25 CR
Sowerby, Giles 2:16:13 PB
Crisp, James 2:17:46 PB
Austin, Mark 2:27:42 PB
Lager, Andrew 2:28:59 PB
Ellen, Hayley 2:30:14 PB
Hunt, Vicky 2:32:17
Byford, Martyn 2:46:59
Wallen, Brigid 2:50:21 CR
Ashley, Thomas 3:05:08 PB
Digby, Darren 3:31:55
Denby, Tracey 3:41:56
Clarke, Penny 3:53:18


Thames Riverside 20

Oh. Turns out there are other 20 mile races. Maybe I’m not cut out for this job. Anyhoo, the marathon training super-duo of Adam Regan and Elizabeth Prior headed to Fulham to run this 20 mile out and back course along the river Thames, on what looks like a varied course of trail and towpath. To be honest, sounds far more appealing to me than running three laps on the road, but whatever. Adam came home in a highly respectable 3:00:58, and Elizabeth also did very well coming in at 3:24:37. Well done guys!

Cambridge Half Marathon

Turns out Cambridge isn’t just famous for higher education and being 50% of a boat race; they also host a half marathon once a year. I also found out that a half marathon is the perfect sort of race if you were looking to run about 13 miles (Scott Darney).

WRC were represented thrice at this event, with Octavia Singleton coming home in a fantastic 1:33:01, which is a new club record, and also what looks like a PB. Sandy Karl continues to impress, crossing the line in 1:52:31, and taking around 4 minutes off her Gt Bentley time. Verne Lewis wrapped things up for WRC, coming home in 2:27:32. Well done all.

Great work everyone. Please let me know if I’ve missed your race or result.

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