Pub runs – The Wheatsheaf.

15 May 2019 - By Stewart Waller

Great turn out Tuesday evening from The Wheatsheaf. We seemed to completely fill the restaurant and bar area and whilst I was told that 25 ordered food it seemed a lot more than that to me and the treasurer and in addition there was a goodly number staying on just for drinks. It was a perfect evening for running and for once there was no problem with car parking.
Whilst the weather might once again be ok next Tuesday unfortunately the same cannot be said for the car parking arrangements. We are running from The Old Crown, Messing (CO5 9TU) which, according to many of our ‘foodie’ members, is one of the best and the route ain’t too bad either! Car sharing, however, is highly recommended. The pub has a very small car park so you will probably need to park on nearby roads but in doing so please consider the local residents.
Have a great time.


  1. Gavin Maclure Gavin Maclure says:

    Excellent stuff, it’s just a pity I couldn’t be there on Tuesday and I can’t make the wonderful Messing route either 🙁 #HamEggsChips will resume shortly…

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