Pub runs – The Western Arms

30 August 2019 - By Stewart Waller

Ok, so that’s that for another 8 months – or nearly. The summer pub run season bowed out at The Western Arms in Silver End where, I am advised, 15 members stayed on for food which is low given the attendance on the evening.

But all is not doom and gloom as next Tuesday what might be seen as the first of the winter pub runs will be starting from The Angel in Kelvedon (CO5 9AN).

Starting off in daylight the first part is trail but as it gets darker the roads come into play making it an interesting run. Obviously hi-viz is now a very much required item so please don’t forget it – and have a great run!



  1. Patrick Hinchliffe says:

    The Angel – Kelvedon
    Is there a route map available for this event and is there a short route option ?

  2. Patrick Hinchliffe says:

    Don’t worry I have found it.

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